Consultation papers

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Final report:
Fair admissions to higher education: recommendations for good practice (September 2004)



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Second phase:
Fair admissions to higher education: draft recommendations for consultation (April – May 2004)

Consultation document


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First phase :
Consultation on key issues relating to fair admissions to higher education (September – November 2003)
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Results Final Report – Microsoft Word format (131k)
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Admissions policies are quite clearly the responsibility of universities and colleges, but applicants, parents, school and college staff and the wider public all deserve reassurance that admissions systems are fair.

How do we guarantee merit and fairness in the admissions process? Are some admissions criteria more reliable, valid and practical than others? How can we ensure that people from all walks of society have access to the many benefits that English universities and colleges have to offer? These are the main questions that faced the review.

There was a two-stage consultation process. From 23 September until 21 November 2003, we consulted on the key issues underlying admissions to higher education. From 6 April until 28 May 2004, we consulted on draft recommendations. You can download both of these consultation papers above. A final report was submitted to the Secretary of State in September 2004. This is also available to download above.