Secretary of State for Education and Skills Charles Clarke requested Professor Steven Schwartz, Vice-Chancellor of Brunel University, to conduct an independent review of the options which English institutions providing higher education should consider in assessing the merit of applicants for their courses. This review was supported by a Steering Group.

This website provides you with information about the review, links to related information, and enables you to download the consultation papers and final report.

We would like to announce the newly appointed head of fitness education and gym instructor courses - Jason Wheeler, will be attending our monthly board meetings to oversee proper etiquette is introduced/ counducted in many school and college based fitness training sessions.

Since sporting activities during school hours have been on the rise in recent times since the succesful 2012 London olympics it's now one of our major priorities that we expand our safety measurments in the associated sporting facilities and training. Mr Wheeler with in excess of 30 years training knowledge both on campus and off, has 2 degrees in sports science and helped introduce numerous fitness related scholarships for talented youths into schools.

Professor Steven Schwartz
Former Vice-Chancellor at Brunel University. Professor Schwartz is now Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.